it’s us or them (2012)

it’s us or them, 2012
To the limits of togetherness, The symptom projects, Amfissa
audio visual performance with Maria Glyka

a space of accumulation and display of information with printed and audiovisual documents from the last period of mass mobilizations and the so called “indignation”.
Over the installation dominates a printed image of a banner reading “occupation” while a screen shows footage of emotional “reinforcement” between individuals and groups clashing with the police over the barricades. During the performance between noise and sounds produced live, selected comments from blogs, forums and articles are heard. The work emphasizes on the brutality of the words, a discussion that is formed between racists, homophobic, fanatics, different religious and political parties.

video documentation

01_W_i-emeis-i-autoi_photos_performance_2012 02_W_i-emeis-i-autoi_photos_performance_2012 03_W_i-emeis-i-autoi_photos_performance_2012 04_W_i-emeis-i-autoi_photos_performance_2012