selfportrait I (1996)

“selfportrait I”, 1996
Sikiarideion, old textile fabric building, Athens.

This installation is developed in a two-storied neoclassic building that placed in Athens on Piraeus St. Here the floors communicate with a marbled stair. The ground floor was dyed entirely everywhere with lime. With two air cooling instruments the temperature in the space reached in 12oC. In the walls scattered, were placed photographs from the work of restoration of Parthenon. Precisely opposite from the central entry I put a big drawing with pencil that presented Adolph Hitler painting and looking at the spectator. The above floor was very luminous from a window that it had in its centre. It was dyed entirely -windows and doors- green, and all over the place on the floor I threw small square green marbles 15cm X 15cm on which I had painted with oil colors red roses. In the space was heard sound from the whistling of murderer, from the film of Fritz Lang “M”.