the another side of me is reflected in nostalgia (1993)

“the another side of me is reflected in nostalgia”, 1993
installation, sound, video and slides projection.
Athens School of Fine Arts.

The installation “the another side of me is reflected in nostalgia” took place in the basement of the new building of the Athens School of Fine Arts before the work of restoration of the building. The installation was constituted by three big different spaces, which were communicating. The first space it was a big dark room, with a certain path for the spectator. In one side, the spectator through the dark could see slides and video projections. Following the path, could pass in front of the projections making a sort of “travelling”. In the dark room was heard sound from flute. In the next room, that was left almost in the situation that I found it, I placed an iron scaffolding in the centre. On the walls I put drawings and paintings. The spectator could move free in this room, with the big central door of the third room directing him. In the third room the sense of humidity was very intense. I left the walls full from humidity, as I found them. I cleaned however all the intermediary space. I have placed all over the walls small close up photographs of humidity, processed in the computer, black and white small drawings from doors, and marks that called the spectator to be careful on certain concrete points of the wall. Sound from drops of water that fall slowly was heard in the room.